Recorder arrangements of Medieval and Renaissance music

Here is a set of pieces we commonly play in our recorder group Primi Venti. To listen, click on the name of a piece in the list. A window with a thumbnail image of the score will open and a MIDI version of the piece will begin to play (there may be a short pause before the audio starts) . Click on the thumbnail to open a copy of the score in PDF format. Click on the cross or press esc to close the window and return to the list.

Although the pieces are for recorder I have used different sounds as the MIDI recorder sounds lack attack especially in the low register. The MIDI files are just to give an idea of the pieces, they aren't meant to be "performances" as such.

You can narrow the list of pieces displayed by typing a title or other search term and clicking Search. A blank search returns a list of all the pieces. Click on a column title to sort the list by that column.

Graeme Gerrard May 2102

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